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Audio Classes

  • Are you a musician, rapper or singer?
  • Want to learn how to better record yourself?
  • Want to save money by engineering yourself and renting out our studio?
  • Are you someone interested in audio engineering, but specifically want to focus on studio recording and mixing in the computer?

this is the type of education designed specifically for you.

Our Chief Engineer, lex Cruz, has developed these essential classes so you can comfortably and confidently work out of Jungle AE Chicago recording studios!

Private Classes (1 person)


Open Classes (3-5 people)

All 15 Classes

$2000 per person

*Develop your own schedule*

*Lean at your own pace*


All 15 Classes

$1000 per person

*Develop your own schedule*

*Save $1000*

Below are descriptions of the 15 classes you'll be taking!

Recording in Jungle AE Essentials

  1. Signal Flow I - Learn the basic essential of audio engineering by going over the order of how audio passes through Jungle AE’s professional grade equipment.
  2. Signal Flow II - Enhance your understand about the basic essential of audio engineering by exploring signal routing within the digital world of the music industry standard DAW (digital audio workstation) AVID Pro Tools.
  3. AVID Pro Tools I - Learn important hot keys and how to navigate and edit within Pro Tools.
  4. Recording Vocals - Learn how to use Jungle AE’s equipment to capture professionally recorded vocals ready for high quality mix downs.
  5. Mixing Basics - Learn about basic EQing and Compression using Jungle AE’s own template for rough mixing at the end of recording sessions for internet stream quality ready.

Mixing - Jungle Style

  1. The Art of Seeing Sound - Learn Jungle AE’s chief engineer, lex Cruz, secrete to what makes his professional mixes stand out from the rest of the music industry.
  2. Mixing Advanced I - Learn how to take the theory of seeing audio and making it a practical reality in your mixes through basic volume balancing and eqing.
  3. Adding Depth to Mixes - Clean and clear mixes sound good, but a mix with depth takes the music lover to another dimension in connecting them with the song in a unique way. Learn about how to achieve extra depth in your mixes through different reverb, compression and delay techniques.
  4. Mixing Advanced II - Learn about how to subtly affect your mixes to make certain instruments pop through parallel compression.
  5. Industry Standard SFX - Learn how to do industry standard special effects like stutters and beat drops used in many popular songs today.

Knowing Your Tools + More

  1. Compressor Shootout - Before buying compressor plug-ins, learn about how each compressor sounds, what color they add to a sound source and the best case scenario to use them in.
  2. EQ Shootout - Before buying EQ plug-ins, learn about how each EQ sounds, what color they add to a sound source and the best case scenario to use them in.
  3. AVID Pro Tools II - Enhance your basic skills of Pro Tools by learning the art of automation.
  4. Multi-Track mixing i - Learn how to mix instrumentals and vocals together to achieve album quality mixes.
  5. Multi-Track Mixing ii - learn how to put finishing touches on a mix using bus and mixbus techniques.

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