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Chris House prides himself on his curiosity and attributes it to his career. After all, he did begin engineering for solely one reason: he had to figure out why he enjoyed certain types of music.

Growing up, Chris was drawn to different genres of music, from hip hop and country to classical and rock. This is reflected in his taste in music as his top five artists are 2Pac, Nas, Eminem, Michael Jackson, and Usher. However, he never knew why he could appreciate these forms of music while his peers couldn’t or just chose not to.

At 22, Chris attended the Music Industry Workshop and enrolled in their Recording and Mixing program. There, music industry professionals taught him the ins and outs of working in a professional recording studio. Chris learned everything from setting up to recording live bands to mixing records.

After interning at Jungle AE for six months in 2012, Chris was offered a position as an engineer. Chris has learned that constructive yet tactful feedback is a must while working with clients. Being a “yes man” isn’t going to make you a better artist. He cares too much about music to let anything subpar be recorded on his time.

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Hip Hop, Rap and R&B engineering playlist by Chris House

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YK Supe • Malik Yusef • Kali Skrap • SwaggDinero • Bianca Shaw • KingLouie • Kahrion

Easy on Netflix • Jayaire Woods (of QC) • Dally Austin • Mikey Dollaz • Jargon • SirDuke • KO TrapVibes, Doso • Aaron Jasper • Marv J • Jaooo • RodeoofTFK • Tookeyy • DryBoy Official • The Future Kings

Young Global • DGoodz • Dutcho • XVRHLDY • Dēp • Geronimo Approved • Ebone Hoodrich

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